Wait, Who's His Daddy? Mac Miller Reveals The True Identity Of His Father! [Video]


Can't you see the family resemblance?

Forget everything you've ever heard about Mac Miller's upbringing. It's all one big lie, as we learned from a recent Vine video in which the "Most Dope" star reveals that his real father is actually...Zack Morris?

"My pops!" Mac captioned under a video featuring Mark-Paul Gosselaar on the rapper's flat screen, leaving fans to ponder what made the guy keep such a big secret for so long, and why he's finally coming forward with the truth. It certainly couldn't have been out of shame -- Zack Morris is the coolest!

Now, you obviously can't trust everything you see on the Internet (that is, unless it's on Remote Control), and since the #1 authority on paternity tests, Maury Povich, has better things to do than investigate Mac's family tree (he's got pregnant Siamese twins to interview!), we decided to do our own digging. What we found was shocking.

After much detective work, we can now conclude that Mark-Paul Gosselaar is, in fact, Mac Miller's father. The proof is in this episode of "Most Dope," where Mac's supposed dad makes a cameo. He has gray hair! He wears glasses! He knows about economics! Nope, not related. Case closed.

Check out the Vine video to see Mac's courageous declaration:

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Photos: Robin Marchant/Richard Cartwright/Getty Images