'Wild 'N Out' Throwback Thursday: Lil Jon And Ray J [Photos]

After a far too long hiatus, Nick Cannon's "Wild 'N Out" returns July 9 to MTV2! As we await the highly anticipated sketch show comeback, each Throwback Thursday we'll be getting nostalgic about some of the most memorable moments and cast members from the series' first four seasons. We can't think of a better way to utilize the #TBT hash tag!


#TBT: Lil Jon, Nick Cannon and Big Boi wildin' out onstage.

2006 was a simpler time, when Lauren Conrad had just begun her "Hills" journey, the iPhone was merely a hopeful rumor and you couldn't walk within 20 feet of a nightclub without hearing Lil Jon's signature "Yeahhhh!" These days, however, LC's basically the next Martha Stewart, iPhones are 5 generations deep and the Atlanta rapper is way more corporate than crunk, thanks to "Celebrity Apprentice." My, how things change!

Still, if Lil Jon felt like whipping out his pimp cup and channeling his hit-making days, we have a feeling he'd have no problem working a crowd, like he did seven years ago on "Wild 'N Out." Just look at how much fun Nick Cannon had with him in the photo above!


#TBT: Ray J's fedora swag was so 2006!

'Course, back in 2006, Lil Jon wasn't the only chart-topper around. R&B crooner Ray J was a pretty big deal, and worthy of gracing the "WNO" stage even before the infamous Kim K sex tape scandal. Had he returned to the comedy show after his skin flick went viral, we imagine he would have taken some serious shots onstage...not that he would have minded. Have you seen the guy's new music video for "I Hit It First"? Yeah, we think he's officially in on the joke.

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