Lauren Conrad Gets One Step Closer To Becoming Martha Stewart With Pinterest Takeover


Lauren Conrad and her inspiration, Martha Stewart.

Jane of all Trades, Lauren Conrad, just checked off another item on her master to-do list for reaching home decor world domination: collaborate with the queen of the crafting mafia, Martha Stewart. Earlier this week, LC announced on her website that for the next four weeks, she'll be guest-pinning (that's a thing now, eh?) for the Martha Stewart Living Pinterest page. We know our #DIY chica will do her best to impress the Don.

We've been calling the former "Hills" star the next coming of Martha for some time now, and in her blog post about her month-long dream partnership, she mentions that she's "drawn a lot of inspiration" from Martha's career. It definitely shows in her own brand! Though LC's only two days into her gig, she's already pinning up a storm, focusing on al fresco entertaining -- just in time for summer. Her pins range from recipes to party ideas, and each one is cuter than the next, like this great idea for turning boring ol' watermelon wedges into sailboats.

Now that Lauren's finally working with Martha, what's next? Joining We don't think her boyf, William Tell, would like that very much, so hopefully she'll just stick to modeling her career, and not her love life, after Martha's.

Just for s**ts and giggles, watch "SNL"'s newest chameleon, Kate McKinnon, take on Martha Stewart's active online dating life here:

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