Wanna Be The Life Of The Party? Then Never Commit These 5 'Awkward.' Party Faux Pas


Forget about high school hallways -- prime awkward territory lies within the proverbial hallowed walls of a teenage house party. Anyone who ever went to a post-homecoming game kegger knows this firsthand, especially Jenna and her PHHS cronies. They've certainly had more than their fair share of colossal social gaffes (seriously, who keeps inviting them?), and last week's costume shindig snafus were no exception, even if Jenna came out smelling like a rose.

Two months into junior year, and our "Awkward" pals are already taking party DON'Ts to a whole new level. Our advice? Live and learn from their mistakes:

DON'T crash a costume party -- sans costume -- and then break s**t. And definitely don't steal stuff, either, Saxton! When Jenna forced Matty, Jakara and Sadie to accompany her to Collin's GF's costume bash -- uninvited and in plainclothes -- the drama wrote itself. From Sadie searching for the golden-horseshoe-that-wasn't-hers to Jake downing magic space cookies and crashing into coffee tables, we're pretty sure this group wore out their welcome, fast. If you absolutely must tote around your band of clumsy kleptomaniacs, the least you can do is take Jenna's route and apologize profusely for letting them run amok.

DON'T pee yourself. Ever. Tamara learned this the hard way when she publicly tinkled down her leg after spotting Sadie making out with her longtime crush at the Black Hearts Party. We don't care how long the line is. Find a bucket or go behind your neighbor's bush. Hasn't "Girl Code" taught us anything?

DON'T break girl (or guy) code. No matter how many piña coladas you chug, your friendship should never get busted up because of a stupid, drunk mistake. Playing tonsil hockey with your bestie's crush (R.I.P.) is a total no-no, 'kay? ("Awkward" refresher: Jenna + Ricky Schwartz - Tamara = almost-BFF breakup.)

DON'T have false expectations if you can help it. When Jenna and Tamara showed up to their first cool kids party, little did they know it was less 'major blowout' and more 'intimate gathering' (which would have been a non-issue if they knew more than two folks in attendance). And those false expectations apply to seeing your crush there, as well -- you should always get a clear picture of whether or not the guy who invited you is more than just a friend with benefits before the party. That way, you don't end up crying when you find him sucking face with someone else in the hot tub.

DON'T get so sloshed that you pass out mid-smooch. As a boozy, brokenhearted McKibben made out with Sadie after baring his suddenly sensitive soul to her, the stud muffin went and fell asleep. Erm, how...not romantic. If you take only one lesson home from our list, let it be this one: Always drink responsibly.

+ We're dying to know: What are your biggest party faux pas? Comment, and tune in to an all-new "Awkward" tonight at 10/9c!

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