Jessica Responds To Being Called 'Fat' On 'Real World: Portland' [Video]


Jessica learned the hard way that three's a crowd on tonight's "Real World" when Averey made it known that she only had space on her friend roster for her bestie, Bird. A&A were finally reconnecting for the first time since Johnny swept Averey off her feet, but Jess wasn't keen on their gal pal reunion, and felt totally slighted. During a night out at Splash Bar, the tension came to a head when Nia tried to force the feuding roomies to reconcile, but mend fences they did not, and in the "Real World: After Show" videos below, Nia explains how things got so heated.

"I really didn't know how strongly Averey didn't like you, or for what reason," Nia says in the first clip, adding that, though she and Averey weren't on good terms at the time, she was genuinely trying to help the two sort things out. Unfortunately, Johnny threw a wrench in her plans when he intervened and hurled a flurry of insults at Jess, including the dreaded "c-word." Understandably, Jess fought back, which just made things worse. "For Johnny to call me ugly and fat...that was too much for me," she says. "I was pissed, hurt and just like, 'woah!'"

+ Tell us what you think -- is Jess justly defensive, or does she need to accept the fact that Averey's not her biggest fan? Check out the clips, take our poll and elaborate in the comments!

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