The 'Nitro Circus Live' Cast Is No Match For The 'Metal Triangle Of Death' [GIFs]


If we learned anything from last night's "Nitro Circus Live," it's that tricycles are the silent killer of extreme sports. Whether you're a brave tour promoter trying to prove yourself, or a seasoned pro performing for a live crowd, trikes do not discriminate when choosing their victims. Even stuntman Dusty Wygle's not ashamed to admit he's frightened of the three-wheeler, dubbing it the "metal triangle of death." Who'd have thought a toddler's toy could be so terrifying?!

"I get hurt almost every other show on the trikes," Josh Godfrey Roberts confessed. "They're the most deadliest contraptions, and they have no business being on a 50-foot ramp." So, uh, then why don't they stick to their more familiar two-wheelers? Because the fans love it. "However it lands for us, it's always entertaining for the crowd, so we love doing it," he said. Now that's what you call true showmanship!

See how the "Nitro" dudes fared when they gave the trike trick of terror a try (say that five times fast) in the GIFs below!


Attempt #1: A backflip becomes a backflop. Cue the sad trombone.


Attempt #2: No hands, but plenty of rug burn!


Attempt #3: Tour promoter Mike Porra makes the ramp, but not the landing.


Attempt #4: Finally, a successful jump from Aaron Sauvage!

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