25 Things We Know So Far About Season 3 Of 'Teen Wolf'


We know, we know -- you've been waiting an eternity for the "Teen Wolf" Season 3 premiere, but we should warn you: It's gonna hit like a ton of bricks. Ever since the show was greenlit for a third round, the teasers we've received straight from set have been pointing to a much darker tone than y'all might be used to. You sure you're ready for all the blood that's going to spill? Because show creator Jeff Davis has assured us there will be buckets of the stuff...

Below is a collection of 25 tidbits you're guaranteed to see from Season 3 when it finally premieres on June 3. Feast your eyes on the photos, GIFs, videos and more, and hold tight -- WE'VE ONLY GOT THREE WEEKS TO GO!

1) Stiles will remain goofy -- A  lot is going to change in Beacon Hills, but the cast says we can at least rely on Stiles for comic relief. Then again...

2) Stiles might have a falling out with Scott -- Davis says Isaac will move in on Stiles' territory as Scott's go-to pal. Is this the end of a classic bromance?


3) The vets aren't the only ones in fighting shape -- Newbies Max and Charlie Carver have been hard at work at the gym, leading us to believe their characters, Ethan and Aiden, are more than prepared for the battles to come. And speaking of the twins...

4) New Alphas Ethan and Aiden have their sights set on Scott's friends -- Davis has told us the new duo isn't necessarily out to harm Scott's inner-circle, but they've definitely got some business to take care of.

5) Allison Argent has gone rogue -- We hear Scott's ex-girlfriend has been off the grid for months, and when she finally returns to Beacon Hills, she'll be a near-stranger. Has she completely committed to hunting? Well, when it comes to bloodshed...

6) Everyone's going to die, basically -- Season 3's body count will be greater than the previous two combined, according to Davis. But on a happier note...

7) Shantal Rhodes is back -- The superfan will return to Beacon Hills, and this time, for TWO episodes. Make sure to look for her in Eps 2 and 11!

8) There's been a REAL WOLF on set -- Discuss.


9) And donkeys too? Well then!

10) Don't forget those mysterious jars -- In Episode 309, grimy antiques will make some waves.

11) Scott's latest internal battle is holding him hostage -- Water definitely isn't the main character's friend in the promo below. But he might find help when he really needs it, as...

12) Derek and Scott will fight side by side -- The two top dogs have had a contentious relationship in the past, but they'll come together in Episodes 2 and 3, and might even need backup to handle their opposition, which hopefully isn't...

13) New Alpha Kali, complete with killer feet -- Hopefully she leaves her shoes on? She's not the only threat, though...


 14) New Alpha Ennis is ready to tear Beacon Hills apart -- No confusing this one. And rounding out the newbs...

15) Loner Cora has a history with Beacon Hills -- We're not sure what her connection with it is yet, but it may help us figure out why the Alpha Pack came to town at all.

16) We'll finally learn why some werewolves have blue eyes -- Yes, the iris mystery will be revealed!

 17) Season 3's music will feature the moans of an obedient dog -- Composer Dino Meneghin told us he's experimenting with the sound this season, which will also feature a chanting choir.

18) Isaac will get his memory stolen in the show's very first scene -- Davis certainly isn't wasting time getting down to business, and will jolt us into Season 3 with the sight of the bloodied, confused character.


19) The season's sixth episode will feature a scene written by Dylan O'Brien -- He's not just a pretty face, ladies and gents. This guy is getting his hands dirty in all aspects of production.

20) We'll finally learn about Derek's past -- He wasn't always an insufferable brute, and "Hunger Games"' Ian Nelson will play the part of a younger, happier Hale.

21) We'll meet Derek's family -- Alicia Coppola, who will play Derek's mom, Talia, was coincidentally host of MTV's "Remote Control" back in the day. Derek's sister, Laura, will be played by Ana Walczak.

22) Derek takes shelter in a beautiful loft/torture chamber -- Derek's new digs are super cool, but also exceedingly creepy. Davis tells us it'll be host to battles and romantic musings, alike. And in terms of new sets...


23) This one can't NOT be a battleground:


24) Danny will get a boyfriend...sort of -- We're not sure if Beacon Hills' resident gay lax bro will find love, but Davis said he'll at least get some action.

25) The mysterious symbols scribbled around town will continue to give us anxiety -- Honest to God, WHAT ARE THEY?! Evidently, they carried a "deep spiritual meaning" from the era in which they were designed.


+ Are you guys still breathing? After the wheels in your head stop spinning, and you digest this mega-post, get to theorizing in the comments!

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Photos: MTV