Kailyn Lowry Takes Isaac To Work For A Teeth Tune-Up [Photo]


Not even an ounce of fear on Isaac's face.

Most kids (hell, most adults) will do anything to avoid a trip to the dentist (including screaming for their lives), but not Kailyn Lowry's son! The "Teen Mom 2" tot clearly takes after his brace-faced mom in the courage department. Yesterday, Kail brought Isaac to the dental office she works at, and while we're not sure if he was given a head's up about the cleaning appointment, the wee one certainly put on a brave face.

It's too hard to tell whether that's Kail sporting the protective glasses in the pic, but it's quite possible she's Isaac's hygienist considering her recent graduation from dental school. Big ups to Kail for not only fulfilling her dream, but making sure her son receives the biggest perk of her job: sparkly choppers! While we're sure 3-year-old Isaac would probably enjoy the benefits of being the offspring of the Power Ranger he's clutching (Take Your Mini-Ranger to Work Day would be a blast) more than getting teeth cleanings at Mommy's office, he seems pretty content in that reclining chair. Just remember to floss, kid.

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Photo: Kailyn Lowry's Instagram