Vinny Guadagnino's Uncle Nino Tries To Take A Twitter 'Sophie' [Video]


The most beautiful "sophie" ever.

Trying to squeeze four hours spent shadowing the most eccentric human being caught on film since "Grey Gardens" into a few minutes was a tall task, but it had to be done for the many MTV fans suffering from Internet FOMO (guys, that toilet-trained cat on YouTube will still be there in the morning!). And while we still consider Uncle Nino's wild ride through Staten Island a masterpiece, many priceless moments were sacrificed by editing the video into an online short -- for instance, the one below, in which Nino enlists the help of a pre-teen to take a "sophie" (English translation: selfie) and tweet it to his followers. "Shoot! Shoot!" the self-proclaimed Original Guido yells at his iPhone as he grins like a tipsy Sicilian who just put down a full plate of baby octopus. Take a look:

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