Ke$ha Bonds With Animal Brethren After Her Tour Comes To An End [Video]


There's an entire industry devoted to stress relief, but for Ke$ha, some quality time with animal friends is all it takes to get zen. On last night's "My Crazy Beautiful Life," the pop star's massive two-plus year tour finally came to an end, and as the enormity of it all hit her, she decided to head into the wild to clear her head. With swimming among sharks and rehabilitating orphan lions on the agenda, the nature spree was about as good as chapter-closing gets. "I had to go take a couple weeks off for myself, or else my brain was going to explode," Ke$ha says in a clip from the episode below. "It really made me reconnect with myself."

For the glitter girl, scheduling a small hiatus was completely necessary before jumping into the studio to record her next album, especially since it had a positive effect on her creativity: During Ke$ha's downtime from the madness of Hollywood, she came up with "Warrior" as the title for her next effort, and it certainly caught on with the masses.

Check out the video for a glimpse of Ke$ha grabbing some "me" time in the Galapagos Islands, South Africa and wherever else she could find a non-human creature, and hear more about her love of wild animals in her recent "Nikki & Sara LIVE" interview!

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