Mario Lopez's Unborn Child Shows Wrestling Potential In The Womb [Photo]


Put your dukes up! Baby Lopez practices its fighting stance in the womb.

Mario Lopez's second child has been steadily baking in wife Courtney Mazza's oven, but we are still months away from the TV personality and social media master's inevitable status update announcing the bundle of joy's arrival. Until then, we can at least share in the proud papa's journey as he tweets about the baby's progress and shares sonograms with his over 700,000 followers.

"First pic of baby Lopez #2... Thank you @CourtneyMLopez :)," Mario posted with the photo above before pondering the baby's gender through a hashtag. Whether boy or girl, one thing's for sure: This kid's gonna be a fighter! Just look at little Lopez flexing for the camera...sorta like its pop did back in the day as wrestling champ A.C. Slater! Let's hope he or she inherits Mario's dimples, too.

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Photo: @MarioLopez