'Awkward.' Poll: Should Jenna Ditch Her Palos Hills Pals For Collin's More Sophisticated Company?


It's a commonly held belief that a fresh start with a new crew could be a social cure-all for any floundering teen, and on tonight's "Awkward," Jenna got a chance to test that theory out. Palos Hills' resident pariah had been living in harmony with her peers for some time, but Halloween brought the devils out of the woodwork, and they assured her she'd never be good enough for BMOC Matty McKibben. The haterade made Jenna's fresh confidence devolve into her old dejected demeanor, until a sudden impulse to crash Collin's girlfriend's bash became the ticket out of her funk.

To avoid judgement at the PHHS party, Jenna roped Matty, TamaraJake and Sadie into accompanying her to a house full of strangers, and once inside, J discovered she actually fit in way better with Collin's more sophisticated crowd. Collin's girlfriend, Angelique, even suggested that Jenna consider ditching Matty for someone more worldly!

Angelique clearly hasn't seen Matty's abs, and therefore, doesn't have enough info to make a fair call on Jenna's love life, but you guys do. So consider this: Jenna's suddenly holding all the cards in this alternate social universe, so should she spare herself the trouble of further PHHS flak and make this place her permanent reality? Take the poll, and tell us what you think!

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