It'sTheReal Snag A 'Dope' Interview With The Real Mac Miller [Video]


When Eric and Jeff Rosenthal agreed to make a guest appearance on "Most Dope," the brothers assumed they'd be rubbing elbows with Mac Miller himself. Instead, they got stuck interviewing Mac's fur coat clad alter ego, Larry Lovestein. Persistence pays off, though, and recently, the duo managed to track down the actual Mac and pick his brain for their show.

In a clip from ItsTheReal's web series, "Rap Lines," Eric and Jeff ask Mac the questions all young hip-hop fans are dying to know, like if it's okay to drop out of school to rap and if you can accurately judge a girl by her ringtone. All appears to be going smoothly, until one fan's question almost knocks the entire interview off-kilter. "My parents say I can do anything I want in life, so I want to be Mrs. Mac Miller," Eric begins, reading "Sarah" from Florida's question. "My parents are totally on board. How can we make this happen? P.S. I'm 14 and I love 'Thrift Shop.'" And the survey says...wrong rapper! "Yeah, I think she's thinking of Macklemore Miller," Eric says. "That's awesome," Mac responds, laughing off the mix-up. Uh oh, we think 14-year-old Sarah just inspired another split personality!

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