JWOWW Nails Her 'One Life To Live' Acting Debut As A Flirty Barmaid [Video]


Jenni Farley, as Nikki, flirts with her boss and occasional fling, Cutter, on "One Life to Live."

When we first heard JWOWW's acting debut would involve the portrayal of a flirty drink-slinger, we had all the confidence in the world our "Jersey" girl would do us proud. And she did precisely that this morning on "One Life to Live," bringing the role of Shelter bartender Nikki to life in a way that would make any employee on the Karma payroll proud. Pay attention, Hollywood up-and-comers: Josh Kelly's acting tips are clearly golden.

In the full episode below, the more-hot-chick-than-actual-bartender Nikki struggles to impress with her signature cocktail, which -- in defense of the man who grimaces after a sip -- sounds absolutely disgusting (scotch, simple syrup and Red Bull mixed together is essentially an ipecac alternative). Nikki tells her boss, Cutter, who's played by Kelly, that she's never tasted her own cocktails, as she's more of a "beer person," but as long as she's able to keep patrons entertained with her seductive cherry-eating, we have a feeling she won't struggle much to rack up tips.

+ Check out the episode, and let us know what you think of JWOWW's soap opera debut!

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