Danity Kane Reunite In L.A....Are They Getting The 'Band' Back Together?!


Danity Kane give a consummate New York performance after forming in 2005.

If NKOTB and BSB can resurrect their boy band glory days, there's no good reason former chart-toppers Danity Kane can't follow suit. The group that formed after an intense "Making the Band" battle in 2005 had vanished by 2009, but TMZ recently spotted the girls hanging out together in Los Angeles. Could this be the makings of a DK reunion? Maybe...but if it is true, it sounds like they're doing things on their own terms this time.

In the video below, a TMZ camera man asks the girls if creator Diddy has anything to do with their parley, and the reliably outspoken Aubrey O'Day simply replies, "Who's that?" Yikes! Guess there's still some bad blood between those two. And by the looks of the lunch date, any future project might proceed without D. Woods, as she's nowhere to be found. DK as a foursome? It wouldn't be the first time a girl group lost one member.

+ What do you think about a possible Danity Kane reunion? Check out the TMZ clip, watch the "Damaged" video for old time's sake and be sure to check out Remote Control's exclusive interview with DK member Shannon Bex!

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Photo: Peter Kramer/Getty Images