'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Shocker: Chelsea And Adam Admit They Still Hook Up [Video]


Three of the "Teen Mom 2" cast members' lives have changed drastically over the last few years, yet Chelsea often seems to be stuck in the same old patterns that landed her "16 & Pregnant" in the first place. As recently as the Season 4 premiere, she admitted to having unprotected sex, and on last night's reunion conclusion, Chelsea pointed out to Dr. Drew that she's the only one of the girls who hasn't moved on romantically. Then again, how could she when she's STILL HOOKING UP WITH HER EX!?

When Adam, who's currently dating someone other than Chelsea, joined his child's mother on stage, Chelsea dropped a major truth bomb. "We've been hooking up for the last, like, month or so," she told Dr. Drew after giving Adam a death-stare for labeling their relationship platonic. Adam responded with a casual "whoops," which solidified his status in the doghouse, but it remains to be seen if his behavior will deter Chelsea from sleeping with him again.

As always, we're pulling for Chelsea to finally break free from her ex's grip and leave him in the dust.

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