'World Of Jenks' Poll: Can Kaylin Turn Her Luck Around In Time For The Runway?


When it rains, it pours, and nobody is more familiar with that adage than Kaylin of "World Of Jenks." The aspiring fashion designer has longed to show her collection in New York since Episode 1, and tonight, when she earned a spot to present five looks at a designer showcase, disaster struck once again for the two-time cancer survivor.

A few days prior to the big event, Kaylin hired a sample-maker to help lighten the monstrous load of completing her collection. However, when it came time to fit the models, the seamstress turned up empty handed, sending Kaylin back to square one with virtually no time to finish her garments. Thankfully, she and Jenks were able to assemble a team to help complete the looks before the show, but -- despite their huge strides -- the work was nowhere near done. Kaylin looked ready to break down at the end of tonight's episode, but will she be able to wipe away her tears and pull it all together?

+ Tell us what you think: Is Kaylin capable of overturning Murphy's Law, or is there just too much on her plate to display a polished collection?

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