'Nitro Circus Live' Sneak Peek: These Tricycle Tricks Are Not For Kids


Motorcycles, ATVs, race cars...these types of wheels top the list of dangerous modes of transportation, and no matter your age or expertise, you're taking a risk by riding one. But tricycles? Those are for kids!

And daredevils.

As you know, the "Nitro Circus Live" crew is always up for a new kind of thrill, and as it turns out, riding down a steep, narrow ramp at lightning speed using any size wheels will make you s**t your pants within seconds. Case and point: In this sneak peek of the next episode, Mike Porra, the typically tame (read: NOT a professional athlete) tour promoter, ditches his paperwork to hop on a trike in an attempt to play like the big boys on the Giganta Ramp.

"I'm trying to keep it a secret in case I p**sy out," Porra admits in the clip below. However, producer Jeremy Rowle says the secret's out, and the "Nitro" pros are keeping a close eye on him. "When you're constantly asking people to risk their lives, at some point you have to get the respect of others," he says. "And the only way that you can get that, is if you go and do something stupid yourself." Time to put up or shut up, Mike!

+ So, will Porra land the trick, or die trying? Don't miss an all-new "Nitro Circus Live" tonight at 11/10c on MTV2 to find out!

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