It All Comes Down To This! Pick Your Favorite 'True Life' Episode From The Final Four


This is for all the marbles! Last week, "True Life" fans took on the tall task of narrowing down their favorite episodes from four categories: love, addiction, family life and physical setbacks, and now, it's time to see which "True Life" episode takes the tournament cake. Got your brackets ready? Good. Let's go!

Below are clips straight from the stories that viewers found the most powerful -- from a tale of unusual love to the perils of life-threatening allergies. Take a final look at each, cast a vote for your favorite and let's see which episode will finally get that crown!

From Round 1, Love: "True Life: I'm Polyamorous"

Is being in a relationship with multiple partners an achievable feat? The men and women in this episode, who refuse to be tied down by traditional relationship rules, seem to think so.

From Round 2, Addiction: "True Life: I'm Addicted To Heroin"

Heroin addiction isn't just a detriment to Ryan, Olivia and Chloe -- every time these three young people shoot up, they compound their families' worries that the next high could kill them.

From Round 3, Family Life: "True Life: I Have Broke Parents"

Parents dream of being able to provide for their children, but in rough financial climates, it's not always possible. In this episode, two young people have to manage the economic and emotional challenges of coming from cash-strapped families.

From Round 4, Physical Setbacks: "True Life: I'm Allergic To Everything"

Can you imagine having to second guess every bite of food you take? For two young people in this episode, allergies run so rampant that there's no telling what will lead to their next serious reaction.

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