'Awkward.' Buds Brett Davern And Beau Mirchoff Team Up For 'Born To Race' Flick [Photos]


Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff: Race car pros and lovers of five o'clock shadows!

We knew Brett Davern had a thing for race cars, but it seems the passion has rubbed off on his BFFBeau Mirchoff!  A while back, we heard the "Awkward" buddies were joining forces to take the sport of racing to the silver screen, and now, we've got the exclusive on-set pics of "Born To Race: Fast Track" to prove it. Gentlemen, start your engines!

In the flick, Brett and Beau will play racing rivals Danny Krueger (Davern) and Jake Kendall (Mirchoff), who are forced to become allies when a world class champion threatens their professional racing dreams. We can't imagine these two ever acting as arch nemeses, but at the very least, we're glad to hear this tiff isn't over Jenna Hamilton.

+ Let us know what you think of all the exclusive shots below (we're totally digging the dudes with a little bit of scruff!), and for more info on the new movie, head to BornToRaceMovie.com!


Is a suited up Brett Davern giving anyone else déjà vu?


Brett filming an intense-looking scene.


Is this "Fast Track" or "Zoolander 2"?


Beau Mirchoff gets into the racing spirit on set.

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