'Real World' Sneak Peek: Schmizza Isn't Putting Up With Nia's 'Tude


Uh-oh, did Nia inherit Joi's work ethic when she took her place in the "Real World" house? Sure seems like it. In this sneak peek of the next episode, Nia vents her frustrations about Schmizza to Marlon during a lengthy smoke break.

"I could go to Paris for six months and write a book," Nia bitches to Marlon about the monotony of working in the pizza shop. Marlon's willing to bend his ear to her complaints for a bit, but he later says he doesn't understand why his roomie can't just suck it up like the rest of the place's employees. And he's not the only one annoyed with Nia's 'tude. When Schmizza's manager gets fed up with the Hurricane's sense of entitlement, she sends her home early for not pulling her weight. Who's the Alpha Dog now, Nia?

Check out the video and tune in to the next episode, Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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