Mac Miller Watches 'The Notebook' With The Sound Off...And Dirties Up The Script [Video]


Mac Miller poses nude on the cover of his album, "Watching Movies with the Sound Off," due out June 18.

Prior to his MTV2 debut, most of us knew Mac Miller as the guy who managed to piss off a real estate mogul with one well-titled song. However, as we learned from Season 1 of "Most Dope," the rapper's also an entrepreneur, impersonatorbusinessman -- and now, he's adding voice-over artist to his laundry list of talents, in honor of his new album, "Watching Movies With The Sound Off."

Recently, MTV News sat down with Mac to, well, watch movies with the sound off, and in the video below, he takes it upon himself to fill the silence of "The Notebook" with his own dirty narration. The most romantic part of the most romantic film EVER quickly spirals into frat house territory after the 21-year-old tries to step into The Gos's shoes. "You need to stop sucking d**k and using your teeth," Noah Mac says. "Well, I took classes, I'm doing the best I can," Allie Mac responds. Annnnnnnnd scene.

Check out the clip, and make sure to watch Mac's other script interpretations, including the films "How High" and "Semi-Pro."

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