MTV Twitter Roundup: Camila From 'The Challenge' Once Threw Down In A Frank Ocean Video

The historic "Cameltdown" may have left Camila at odds with her "Challenge" competitors, but apparently that feisty attitude actually did her some good a few years back. The champ recently confirmed on Twitter that she starred in Frank Ocean's 2011 video for "We All Try," and, true to form, she spends the better part of the production in a massive brawl. We wouldn't expect anything less!

Elsewhere in the Twitterverse this week, Jillian Rose Reed and Jessica Lu goofed off between "Awkward" takes, but it was all business for comedienne Jamie Lee's teeth, which she dressed up with some dental lingerie. Girl code? And though Andrew Jenks was shocked by how much support his "World Of Jenks" subjects are getting, it came as no surprise that Ke$ha's always ready to party until dawn.

Check out what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say on social media this week!


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