'True Life' Tourney, Round 4: Which Story Of Physical Setbacks Was Most Memorable?


There are many battles to fight out there in the world, but what if life's greatest challenge was posed by your own body? "True Life" examines some really tough issues, but among its most heartbreaking episodes are the ones that explore how physical disorders leave their victims frustrated, embarrassed and sometimes afraid to leave the house.

So far, you've voted for which love, addiction and family life episodes resonated with you most, and now -- in the final heat of our MTV.com tournament -- we're asking you to decide which episode related to physical ailments is most affecting. Take a look at clips from our editor's picks below, choose your #1 and stay tuned for the tourney's championship round on Monday!

"True Life: I'm Allergic To Everything"

Can you imagine having to second guess every bite of food you take? For two young people in this episode, allergies run so rampant that there's no telling what will lead to their next serious reaction.

"True Life: I Have An Embarrassing Medical Condition"

When a simple task like walking down the street is complicated by Tourette's, life can seem like a cruel one-man play. In this episode, two young women try to come to terms with conditions that often lead to unwanted audiences.

"True Life: I Stutter"

There are some conversations none of us want to have, but what if every verbal exchange was a struggle? Three young people take control of their disorders in this episode and make moves to ensure a more eloquent future.

"True Life: I Can't Have Sex"

Some people consciously choose to live a life of celibacy, but others are forced into it. In this episode of "True Life," three people for whom sex is intolerably painful try to reach an understanding about the future of their relationships.

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