'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Sneak Peek: Leah Assures Dr. Drew She's Capable Of Handling Three Kids


After hearing Jenelle and Kailyn discuss their hardships during Part 1 of the "Teen Mom 2" Season 4 reunion, next up on Dr. Drew's hot seat are Leah and Chelsea, and in this sneak peek of Tuesday's show, Leah -- who is far more composed than the last time she faced off with the host -- happily announces that she and Jeremy are expecting.

As you would imagine, Drew is skeptical that Leah can handle the responsibility that comes with raising two toddlers and a newborn, but the young mother remains firm that she's up for the challenge. "I have a lot of family support. His family, my family," she tells him, after mentioning the fact that Jeremy is only present only one day out of the week to help out.

Regardless of Dr. Drew's prodding, Leah insists that she can care for her twins and the baby when the time comes. "I'll be fine," she assures him. We have to say, the way she's standing up for herself and not cracking under pressure, like she has in the past, certainly shows emotional growth. Dr. Drew raises some very valid questions, but she seems to have some equally valid answers this time around.

Check out the clip to hear more about Leah's plans for the future, including her education goals, and make sure to tune in to Part 2 of the reunion special Tuesday night at 10/9c.

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