Take Your Pick Of Mother's Day Cards, Made With Love By MTV's Cutest Kiddos


Ali and Aleeah of "Teen Mom 2" have GOT THIS!

Forgot Mother's Day is Sunday? Don't flip out just yet. Instead of postponing your lunch plans to scrounge around the local pharmacy for whatever Mom-ish crap is left over, we've got the perfect thing that'll pull at mamaduke's heartstrings -- and she'll never suspect her years of unconditional nurturing somehow escaped your mind.

The greatest gifts are homemade, and our collection of crafty, show-themed cards might be just the ticket to keep you in your maker's good graces. From the cutest babies across the "Teen Mom" spectrum to the endearing mother/son duo of Paola and Vinny Guadagnino, the MTV kiddos featured on these Mother's Day creations are so sweet, we've already got, like, six cavities. Look at that glittery, crayon-covered card from "Mom's Little Meatball" (Snooki's little man, Lorenzo), and tell us you don't get a tear in your eye. JUST TRY IT.

Take a peek at all of the neon wonders below, and make sure to hit up MTV's Pinterest board for more gems like these!


Enzo must so excited for his very first Mother's Day!


Aubree Houska got the happy gene from her mom, Chelsea.


Kailyn Lowry's son, Isaac, is hers 4-eva.


Leah's mom, Amber Portwood, can't be with her this weekend, but we're sure she's in her heart.


Vinny gives a shout out to the woman who actually does his laundry.

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