'Oh, So It's A Slurpee,' And More Great Quotes From The Latest 'Show With Vinny'


With guests including a Nickelodeon princess and a douchebag (Vinny Guadagnino's words, not ours!), Episode 2 of "The Show with Vinny" felt like an exercise in behavioral science. Victoria Justice and Scott Disick could not have been less alike, but lucky for us, that made for a verrry interesting episode featuring a wide array of memorable one-liners. Check out our favorites:

"I can't imagine getting more famous than I am." -- Paola

While Vinny and Victoria bonded over stories of being recognized in public, Paula threw this humdinger into the ring. It sounded like a joke, but it wasn't -- she actually met her own fan at Kohl's! That's baller status, y'all.

"That's what she said...? Does that make sense?" -- Victoria

In what is conceivably the cutest, most unassuming dirty joke attempt of all time, Victoria tried to liken skee balls to Vinny's own man-berries. She went for vulgar sailor, but came up Clarissa.

"You wanna get Disney in this bitch?" -- Vinny

On the other end of things, Vinny tried to keep things street while battling Victoria in bumper cars. We were afraid Victoria might have been insulted, considering she was a Nick star, but it only fueled her fire to kick Vin's ass.

"We're not takin' any advice today on marital and children." -- Paola

After discovering Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian had two kids out of wedlock, Paola had certain reservations about talking with Scott. He was kind enough to arrive with scotch and caviar for the house, but that didn't mean Paola would bend on her conservative convictions.

"Oh, so it's a Slurpee..." -- Scott

Uncle Nino was particularly proud of his 2008 bottle of blended wines, but Scott was unfortunately less so. Not even the most intoxicating bouquet in the history of wine would have made Scott try the mash-up of reds.

"You're not Lord Disick. You're Lord Staten!" -- Scott

As Scott helped Vinny ditch his casual clothes for a more sophisticated look, Vin told Scott he felt like his doppelgänger. That wasn't gonna fly with Lord Disick, though, who implied it would take more than just trying on a new outfit to earn those seersucker stripes.

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