Help Save A Foot By Wearing 'Girl Code' Across Your Chest


Seriously, don't ever take them off.

If you thought watching "Girl Code" was life-affirming, why not give wearing it a shot? Now, you can actually preach the "Code" without having to utter a word, with brand-new T-shirts available at the MTV Shop! There are two different types of tees, featuring sage advice in a variety of colors. One is a variation on Great Britain's motto, "Keep calm, and carry on," but instead of carrying on, this shirt suggests you snoop through his phone while he's sleeping. Hey, what he doesn't know won't hurt him...?

The other, which you can see above, features a tip never, EVER to be forgotten: Keep your shoes on, girls. This blogger learned the lesson the hard way -- if I had seen someone wearing this shirt a few years ago, it would have saved me three stitches and a late-night trip to the emergency room.

Health comes first, so pick up a shirt!

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