Let's Bring It On Home For Round 3: Which Family-Oriented 'True Life' Episode Stands Out? [Video]


Whether young people are best friends with their parents or embarrassed by the sight of them, the wide spectrum of nuclear family dynamics has been one of the most compelling "True Life" themes, so the four episodes we chose were a no-brainer for this leg of the competition. With love and addiction already accounted for during our "True Life" tournament, now it's time to decide which family-centric episode is most deserving of this bracket's win. Take a look at clips from our editor's picks below, cast a vote for your favorite in the poll and stay tuned for tomorrow's final heat: physical disorders.

"True Life: I Can't Please My Parents"

Two young men try to pursue their passions without damaging relationships with their parents, who don't see eye-to-eye with their sons' career choices.

"True Life: I'm Looking For My Father"

Many single mothers are more than capable of taking care of their children, but that doesn't mean their kids are any less curious about meeting the men who made them. In this episode, three young people set off on a quest to track down their absent dads.

"True Life: I Have A Hot Mom"

Parents have a knack for mortifying their kids, but only a select few manage to do so with high-cut miniskirts and low-cut tops. Two young women battle the embarrassment of having MILFs in this episode.

"True Life: I Have Broke Parents"

Parents dream of being able to provide for their children, but in rough financial climates, it's not always possible. In this episode, two young people have to manage the economic and emotional challenges of coming from cash-strapped families.

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