'Real World: Portland' Poll: Would You Have Gotten Involved In Lampgate? [Video]


When two hot-heads are attacking each other -- both verbally and physically -- the folks unlucky enough to bear witness to it are forced to react in one of two ways: They can either muster up the balls to step between the crazies in an attempt to stop the fighting, like Marlon did, or they can freak out and peace out, á la Jessica. No matter how they slice it, though, at least one of said crazies is bound to be disappointed in their actions.

In the MTV.com "Real World: After Show" clips below, Jordan and Nia explain -- from their glass houses -- how neither of them appreciated the way the "Portland" housemates handled their argument's aftermath. "Marlon getting involved, that kinda set me off," Jordan says, but you have to assume his POV is based on the fact that Marlon chose Nia's side, because Jordan certainly changes his tune when he talks about Anastasia's part in the whole ordeal. "I wasn't surprised that [Ana] took my side, I was just very surprised that she did not pipe up." As the one person who saw the whole thing go down, both Nia and Jordan agree that Ana had a wealth of information that could have cleared up some tension in the house, and that her choice to stay mum on the subject and not get involved only hurt matters more. "At the end of the day, it wasn't our fight, " Jessica finally says, trying her best to silence her stubborn co-stars. That'll be the day!

+ So, tell us: Do you think you would you have stepped in, or would you have left Nia and Jordan to sort it out on their own? Take our poll!

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