Watch The 'Nitro Circus Live' Guys Stretch Their Facial Muscles In The Silliest Ways [GIFs]


One of Steve Mini's many faces.

The "Nitro Circus Live" cast gets banged up pretty badly on occasion, so it's essential for the gang to get some good stretching in before their performances in order to help prevent permanent damage. Arms and legs are a given, but during last night's episode, we learned that not a single body part escapes the crew's warm-up routine -- not even their faces.

"Every day before the show, I do my yodeling exercises," Cam McCaul said, before stretching his lungs and mouth to perform a makeshift opera. "You gotta warm up every part of your body. I'm doing calves and vocal chords right now," he explained. Crazy Cam's eccentricities are no shock to us by now, but his facial exercises seem to have caught fire among the cast, because almost everyone got on board with the funny faces last night. Check out some GIFs of the guys' goofy looks, below!


 Next stop for Cam McCaul? "Nitro Circus Live: The Musical."


Andrew Ahumada makes sure his eyes are limber by crossing them.


Bilko feels "tickled and wiggled" after a rehab rub-down.


Did Bilko find Mac Miller's mustache?

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