'Awkward.' Poll: Were Jenna's Parents Wrong For Letting Matty Crash?


Anyone who watched the latest "Awkward" episode could probably identify with Matty McKibben, who found himself wondering if maybe he was adopted as a baby. Mr. Hamilton had recently informed The McKibbens that Matty and Jenna were having sex, and when Matty refused to obey the moratorium his mom and dad placed on the romance, he decided he couldn't stay under their roof. Generously, The Hamiltons -- who Matty claimed were more his kind of people -- offered their home as shelter while he sorted things out, but we have to ask: Was that a smart move?

It goes without saying that Lacey and Kevin's intentions were good, and that they only wanted to help Matty out, but the fact that Matty and Jenna were teenagers in love certainly complicated things (most high school guys aren't tasked with buying tampons for their significant others). Ultimately, Matty and Jenna realized -- on their own -- that a 'round-the-clock relationship was not ideal. Maturity prevailed...for the kids, at least.

+ Tell us what you think -- did Lacey and Kevin put enough thought into letting Matty crash at their house? Take the poll!

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