'G' Riff Raff Gets His 'Spring Breakers' Revenge By Playing 'Jamie Franko' On 'OLTL' [Video]


Riff Raff and James Franco.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we have a feeling rapper Riff Raff didn't get the memo. When the movie "Spring Breakers" premiered earlier this year, it was pretty obvious that James Franco's character, Alien, took not only a page, but a few chapters out of the former "G's to Gents" star's book. Between the braids, the bling and the twangy tone of voice, nobody denied the similarities between the two -- except for James Franco, himself, who wrote this MTV.com essay revealing the supposed true inspiration behind his character: Rapper Dangeruss. In showbiz, friends, we call that a major dis.

However, Riff Raff's getting the last laugh after Franco's cold shoulder, with a "One Life to Live" cameo (first JWOWW and now Riff Raff? MTV is grooming soap opera actors!) as a character named "Jamie Franko." Riff Raff's "OLTL" debut yesterday was a not-so-subtle jab at not only Franco's use of the ex-G's likeness in "Spring Breakers," but also at his past stint on "General Hospital." The icing on the cake? Riff Raff then pulled a (real) Franco and told Complex he had absolutely no clue who the actor was. Fight fire with fire, right?

The ball is in James Franco's court now, and with his history of performance art, we can only imagine what could be next.

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