Time To Tackle Addiction: Tell Us Which 'True Life' Tops The Rest In Round 2 Of Our Tourney [Video]


Yesterday it was all about "True Life" love stories, but for Round 2 of the show's MTV.com tournament, we're asking viewers to tap into their darker sides. One of the hardest-hitting and most shocking themes the docu-series has tackled is addiction, and between battling drugs, shopping and sex, the episodes featured below left us speechless.

Check out these four editor's picks to refresh your memory, and vote for which one is the most significant to you. Plus, stay tuned for two more heats: family issues and physical disorders.

"True Life: I'm A Compulsive Shopper"

Budgeting isn't a concept Gabby and Ali are familiar with...at all. Will they ever put down the plastic and learn to spend responsibly?

"True Life: I'm Addicted To Sex"

This is more than a matter of youthful hormones: Brittany and Isaax's lives are completely consumed by the whens, wheres and hows of their next sexual encounters.

"True Life: I'm Addicted To Heroin"

Heroin addiction isn't just a detriment to Ryan, Olivia and Chloe -- every time these three young people shoot up, they compound their families' worries that the next high could kill them.

"True Life: I'm Going To Rehab"

Having been torn apart by drug addiction, Dustin and Adam finally resolve to sober up by shipping off to inpatient treatment. It's certainly a step in the right direction, but will it stick?

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