Ke$ha Opens Up About Her Unknown Dad And The 'Crazy Beautiful' Strength Of Her Single Mom [Video]


Ke$ha is quite an independent spirit, and we certainly have a better idea of why after tonight's "My Crazy Beautiful Life." The pop star touched on the fact that she grew up unaware of her father's identity during a special sneak peek of "The Show With Vinny," but on tonight's episode of her docu-series, she delved even more deeply into her family's history. In the clip below, Ke$ha explains that not knowing her biological father doesn't make a difference -- her mother, Pebe, has proven to be her rock through the years. But, like any child, the internationally-famous entertainer still feels pressure to make her mom proud.

The woman who gave birth to the Animal queen is a well-known songwriter who's written for the likes of Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, but Ke$ha reveals that Pebe also had a singing career that never quite took off. "She's the one who taught me everything I know about writing songs," Ke$ha says. "In a way, my success is her success, 'cause it's taken two generations to get this far." The apple certainly doesn't fall far from the tree.

Unfortunately, not everyone wanted Ke$ha to succeed, and some people still seem determined to dull her shine. For more on her experience with haters, as well as her involvement with the Love Is Louder anti-bullying campaign, head over to MTV Act.

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