'Awkward.' Poll: Could Sadie And Tamara Be Each Other's Saving Graces?


They've shared a man, a cheer squad and now, a bed. Sadie and Tamara wanted nothing to do with each other when "Awkward" first began, but it's becoming increasingly challenging for the two to prevent their worlds from overlapping. Time for a truce? We're pretty into the idea after watching tonight's episode, in which we saw a slight glimmer of hope for the nemeses when Sadie allowed Tamara -- who was stuck in the Saxton household for the night -- to sleep beside her so that T's aching back could get a reprieve from the rigid floor.

The mere suggestion of the ladies burying the hatchet may sound like madness to you, but hear us out. For the first time, Sadie is an outcast (thanks to her parents' lack of financial and mental stability) so, if she wants to get back in good standing at PHHS, who better to befriend than Tamara? She's as connected as anyone, having been a rhythmic dancer, band geek and, now, cheerleader. And, if Tamara scratches Sadie's back, Sadie can certainly return the favor by, you know, not threatening to snap her neck at cheer practice. A win win, right?

+ Whaddya think: Should Sadie and Tamara put aside their differences and find a way to be cordial, or are they meant to remain at odds?

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