To Kick Off Our 'True Life' Tournament, Tell Us Which Love-Themed Episode Stands Above The Rest


March Madness has come and gone, and the spotlight on champion Louisville has already faded, but that doesn't mean bracket tournaments have to be put on the shelf 'til next year. They never go out of style, and since folks already argue over which "True Life" episode is best until they're blue in the face, we decided to officially pit them against one another in a tourney to find out which one reigns supreme.

Over the next few days, we'll arrange some of the hardest-hitting episodes by four umbrella topics, and the winner of each subset will then go to battle in one final championship round. Addiction, family life and physical disorders will hit the blog later this week, but today, it's all about love (or, sometimes, lack thereof). Check out our editor's picks for the four best relationship-heavy episodes below, and take the poll to vote for your favorite!

"True Life: I Have A High Maintenance Girlfriend"

Two men struggle to rectify their boyfriend roles with their ladies, who generally see them as servants and accessories.

"True Life: I'm Polyamorous"

Is being in a relationship with multiple partners an achievable feat? The men and women in this episode, who refuse to be tied down by traditional relationship rules, seem to think so.

"True Life: I'm A Sugar Baby"

Three "sugar babies" willingly accept cash or gifts from their older partners in exchange for their company, but can any of them find a sincere connection through what some might consider a business transaction?

"True Life: I'm Relocating For Love"

Three people in love throw caution to the wind when they sacrifice the comforts of home in order to start new lives with their significant others in unfamiliar places.

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