'Teen Mom 2' Tot Aubree Is The Spitting Image Of Mom Chelsea! [Photos]


Chelsea Houska and her daughter, Aubree, are nearly mirror images.

Chelsea Houska's Instagram account is essentially a public shrine to her daughter, Aubree (and why shouldn't it be? The girl's basically a model!), so when we noticed a few older-looking (read: not digital age) pics on the "Teen Mom 2" castie's feed, we figured Chels was using a filter to make Aubree look old-fashioned. But once we spotted some signature '90s poufy bangs (and, you know, read the captions), we realized Chelsea had actually been posting #ThrowbackThursday shots of herself as a kid (like the one above-left), and we felt like we entered the Twilight Zone. The two could be twins!

After really comparing the photos, there's no denying that Aubree is very much her mother's daughter. With the ladies' identical eyes, noses and cheeky grins considered, Chels must feel like she's looking in a mirror when she spots her daughter. And if we needed any more convincing of their likeness, the young mother also posted a past photo of herself snuggling a puppy that's totally reminiscent of all the Betsy/Aubree BFF pics we've come to know and love.

Check out more Aubree/Chelsea comparisons below!


Chelsea holds up her childhood puppy pal.


Aubree poses with Betsy, her canine BFF.

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Photos: Chelsea Houska's Instagram