Nikki Glaser's Comedy Central Special Includes Her Own 'Girl Code' For At-Home Waxing [Video]


As different as women can be, "Girl Code" taught us that waxing horror stories are the great equalizer. However, no bikini line faux pas can compare to ladies who try their own hand at maintenance because their razor's rusted or their budget just won't allow for a salon job, and in her very first Comedy Central Special (!!!), which aired this weekend, Nikki Glaser gave her take on the hair-raising phenomenon.

Nikki explains how her experience trying to eradicate her body hair ended up being the world's worst crafting project in the clip below. "They give you microwavable wax, but every microwave is different," the "Nikki & Sara LIVE" star says. "I just put it in and pressed 'popcorn.'" Nik laments that she ultimately got scalded (or was it scolded...?) for her efforts, but no amount of sticky, piping-hot magma could wipe the smile off her face after the show aired. "Thanks to everyone who watched just now. I read every single tweet. I am touched," she posted to her followers, in a rare instance of non-sarcasm.

+ Check out Nikki's waxing segment below, compare it to the "Girl Code" cast's testimonies and add your own in the comments!

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