'Awkward.' Mom's Day Tribute: Why MILFY McHamilton Certainly Ain't The Worst Mother Ever


If "Mother of the Year" was a real award (and not just a mug sold at Hallmark stores), nobody would be surprised if Lacey Hamilton's name was missing from the nominees. Jenna's mom is sorta superficial, kinda kooky and can be extraordinarily hard on her own flesh and blood. She also has the strange idea that potato-chip casseroles and hot tubs make everything better (*face palm*), but truth be told, Jenna could do a lot worse than her "Awkward" maker.

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and we think Hot Mama Hamilton deserves a break from all the hate (we're lookin' at you, Mr. and Mrs. McKibben). Besides, judging from last week's episode, Lacey's starting to develop a maternal instinct that, while not quite at Mary Poppins level yet, is pretty decent. She may not be perfect, but she certainly ain't so bad. At the heart of it, she just wants Jenna to have everything she never did.

We can think of a lot of reasons why Lacey rocks our socks -- here are just a few, for your viewing pleasure:

She empathizes like a champ. After putting Matty's unreasonable parents in their place post-that really uncomfortable sex talk, Lacey went out of her way to cheer up her humiliated daughter with a story about her own awkward teen years. Honestly? It was really quite...touching.

She supports her daughter, no matter what. During J-Ham's preggers scare, Jenna felt comfortable going to her mom about potentially being knocked up, which says a lot about the closeness of their mother-daughter relationship. Lacey boosted J's mood by faking excitement at the prospect of a grand-kiddo, and then shared in her (massive) relief when the stick proved there was no bun in the oven.

She admits when she’s wrong. It’s not an easy thing to do, especially if your actions were practically unforgivable. When word got out that Jenna’s own mother was behind the infamous Carefrontation letter, J was heartbroken, and rightfully so -- Lace had told Jenna to stop being such a p*ssy, among other hurtful so-called advice. Nonetheless, Mama Ham sincerely apologized to Jenna (with the help of a giant goblet of wine) and came clean to her hubby, too -- a brave move that nearly cost her the marriage. Nobody's perfect; we (finally) forgive you, Lacey.

She's honest and humble, even when it hurts. After Kevin walked out post-Carefrontation confession, Lacey leaned on her daughter for support, and humbly owned up to the ripple effect that occurs when one does something completely and utterly stupid.

She always has a solution. Even when they're young and superficial, moms always know best. When Jenna suffered from a fashion catastrophe just before the winter formal, Lacey came to the rescue with Nana's specially-made dress from her modeling days. It fit perfectly, and Lacey said some of the sweetest words we've ever heard on the show: "Jenna, you are the best part of me, because you're not me. You're better." Anybody have a tissue? Anyone?

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