Hear Jenelle's Tearful Explanation Of How She Spiraled Out Of Control On 'Teen Mom 2' [Video]


Eyes glazed over, despondent and latched on to Kieffer is how we remember Jenelle as Season 4 of "Teen Mom 2" came to an end last week, but the Jenelle we saw on stage during last night's Reunion Special seemed reminiscent of the girl we came to know (and really like) before Kieffer reentered her life. It was a very big relief to see that girl -- the one who respected her mother, kept clean and sober, and was willing to make positive changes to regain custody of her son -- alive again.

In this clip from the show, Jenelle recounts what it was like being hooked on heroin, in harrowing detail. "When the whole Gary thing happened, I needed someone there for me," she tells Dr. Drew through tears of how she let Kieffer slip back into her life. It's clear just how dependent Jenelle was -- and maybe still is -- on men, relying on them to see her in and out of conflict. "When I got his support...he wanted me to do the drugs," she continues, before detailing the horrors of overdosing and withdrawal, explaining that she would vomit repeatedly, and was admitted to the hospital after feeling like her organs were shutting down. That was when she finally called Barbara for help and began a recovery process that carries on till this day.

Check out the rest of Jenelle's story below, and if you or someone you know is having trouble with substance abuse, go to MTV Act for information on how to get help.

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