A Big Break Awaits D-Real's Turf Feinz On 'World Of Jenks'...But Are They Ready For It?


The chaos of Oakland street life leaves its residents in constant fear, but that'll never stop D-Real and Turf Feinz from mitigating their pain through dance on "World Of Jenks" and beyond. The naturally gifted freestylers -- who've all been struggling to make ends meet -- were finally thrown a bone on tonight's episode when a big-shot choreographer noticed their potential; however, learning new choreography proved to be more difficult than the guys planned for.

Flii Stylz, who's worked with artists like Chris Brown, sought out the crew for their gritty talent, and told them they were in the running to open a show for Mac Miller. But the Turf Feinz only had a few days to memorize an impossibly hard routine, and the pressure clearly bore down on them. Flii gave them a reality check when he said they needed to shape up or get out: "The bottom line is, if you ain't ready, I'm not comfortable putting my name on the line," he said.

There's no question the Turf Feinz are skilled enough for the big leagues, but it remains to be seen whether they're ready for professional dancer-level discipline.

+ What do you think -- can the Turf Feinz get it together in time for Mac Miller's show? Take our poll!

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