Vinny Guadagnino Answers YOUR Questions About Stars, Girlfriends And Uncle Nino [Video]


Vinny Guadagnino's Staten Island home may be a revolving door for celebrities on "The Show with Vinny," but it certainly ain't the lap of luxury. In fact, in the "Dear Vinny" Q&A below, Vin says it's his house's lack of fancy amenities (faulty toilet FTW!) that makes him wary of welcoming Hollywood's shiniest stars inside. But as embarrassing as a faulty doorknob might be, the host assures us he's got nothing but love for the tight-knit family members that gather inside his humble abode, and says even Uncle Nino has something to teach him about life.

"The only reason why I would want to be like Uncle Nino is because I don't know how he's alive right now," Vinny responds to a fan question about whether he aspires to be like his uncle one day. "His life is great, he doesn't give a sh** about anything." Unlike Nino, though, Vin is done lusting after guidettes, and says he hopes his next relationship comes in the form of a more international lady.

"I like a little flavor in my food -- I don't like grilled chicken, I like a little spice," he says, effectively parting ways with his "Jersey Shore" past. "Everything looks better exotic...girls from the Northeast are not exotic."

Check out the video, and post your own questions for Vinny on the "Show With Vinny" Facebook page -- he'll be answering a select few each week on!

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