Mac Miller Announces The Release Date For His Sophomore Album...From The Tub


Mac Miller took a page out of Rev Run's book yesterday when the "Most Dope" star bewilderingly chose his bathtub to reveal the date his new album drops. In this 20 minute USTREAM video, the now clean-shaven rapper prepares for the big announcement by jamming to music, smoking a cig and soaking in bubbles -- fully clothed. Well, almost. Pants clearly would've been overkill.

"I hate these built up f**king announcements, because I had a pretty rough morning," he says, referring to his mustache mishap earlier this week. "Right, OK. I can grow it back. This is what I'm hearing," he adds. Mac must have read our post! However, he quickly sets aside his moody demeanor due to the shaving incident to finally deliver what the fans have been waiting for: "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" debuts June 18!

The musician also states that his sophomore album will contain 16 tracks (and 3 bonus tracks!), and although "S.D.S." is the only single out right now, Mac's given us another gem in the form of Karaoke gold. Check out his "I Just Wanna Love U" rendition below.

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Photo: Colleen Hayes