MTV Twitter Roundup: 'Real World: Brooklyn' Beef Goes Public!


Letting sleeping dogs lie is not something anyone from the "Real World" does well -- least of all, "Brooklyn" nemeses Chet and Devyn. When a fan asked the two if they still kept in touch with war veteran Ryan earlier this week, Devyn replied, "I definitely don't." The swift dismissal of Chet's house BFF sent him over the edge, and he fired back with, "Ryan Conklin is an amazing person and a patriot. I'm happy to count him as one of my closest friends." The thread spiraled out of control, with a ping-pong table's worth of angry tweets, until Chet unfollowed the pageant beauty in a final act of defiance. Save it for a "Challenge," guys!

Elsewhere on Twitter this week, Maci Bookout of "Teen Mom" had some travel trouble, while "Girl Code" expert Jamie Lee's work "commute" took all of three seconds. A sunny day was ruined for former "Portland" girl Joi when a chocolate treat cursed her purse, and Jillian Rose Reed wasn't in a good food mood either after Ashley Rickards offered a non-kosher menu suggestion. Note to Jillian: Bacon is your friend!

See what else MTV's best and brightest had to say on the web this week:


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Photos: Rene Cervantes