Which MTV Stars Are Headed To 'Couples Therapy'? [Video]


Dustin Zito and Heather Marter may have entered -- and exited -- "Battle of the Exes" on good terms, but the "Real World: Las Vegas" couple has had anything but a run-of-the-mill relationship. This duo is equally skilled at loving and hating each other, so when news broke that they would be headed to VH1 for Season 3 of "Couples Therapy" (following in the footsteps of "Jersey Shore" runaway Angelina Pivarnick and child bride Courtney Stodden, we weren't exactly surprised. Just realllllyy curious.

While Heather and Dustin were smitten from the start of their Sin City season, the romance quickly spiraled out of control when Heather found out -- from her mother -- that her dream man was once a gay porn star. Wrench = thrown. The scandy reveal led to a dramatic breakup...and then lots of making up. They worked out their issues after their "Real World" experience, and by the time they signed up for the "Exes" competition they were stronger than ever, even moving in together after the season ended. So what's driving them now to seek counseling? Is Dustin's X-rated past rearing its head again? Or maybe Heather's in the doghouse this time? We're dying to know!

+ Relive the couple's first major blowout below, and let us know what you think of their new gig on "Couples Therapy," where they'll be joined by fellow MTV casties Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell from "Teen Mom."

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Photo: Rene Cervantes