Self-Help Guru Rev Run To Take On Home Renovation!


The Simmons family. Now that's a framer!

For six seasons, The Simmons gave us an unfiltered glimpse at their daily lives on "Run's House." And although Angela and Vanessa have since left the family's lavish pad for the Hollywood Hills (as documented on MTV's "Daddy's Girls"), several remaining members of the clan still reside at the New Jersey estate. Problem is, the place is falling apart.

HGTV recently announced that a series based on The Simmons giving their famous digs a facelift will premiere in 2014. In our wildest dreams, we never would have imagined this fam at the center of a home improvement show, but as the reverend always c0nveys through inspiring quotes on Twitter, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." Oh. Whoops. That was Forrest Gump, huh?

"Can't wait for everyone to see it .. Talk about funny ?? Lol!!!!!!!!," Rev Run tweeted about his NINE THOUSAND sq. foot home renovation project. As long as it has a nice bathtub for end-of-day reflection...

+ We've got some time before the show hits, but in the meantime, start off your weekend right by checking out Rev Run's latest online wisdom, and tell us if you're looking forward to seeing the Simmons' family's return to TV!


Every day should be Thanksgiving.


Who knew Colin Powell was so deep?


GREAT find, Rev!


Translation: Haterz suck.

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Photo: Justin Borucki and @RevRunWisdom