Mac Miller Gives Himself A Makeover! [Photos]


Two of the many faces of Mac Miller.

According to "Girl Code" expert Carly Aquilino, a lady typically alters her look following traumatic events to symbolize the change she's gone through. But due to the recent actions of a certain "Most Dope" star, we're left to wonder whether that theory applies to men, too. Recently, Mac Miller completely shaved off his signature scruff, leaving a thin strip of hair above his lip. So, we mustache Mac a question: Is everything okay?!

The rapper used to rock a beard that'd have Ke$ha reeling (it suited his "I'm a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and I'm too busy to shave" look perfectly), and while that low maintenance approach seemed to work for a while, in the past few days, the 21-year-old decided to opt for a more Ron Burgundy-esque alternative. However...though there's no photographic evidence yet, the 70s theme didn't last long either, because earlier today he tweeted, "I'm really f**kin pissed right now. why did i shave off my mustache before i went to sleep. F**K!" Mac, fear not, hair does this magical thing: It grows back.

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Photos: Mac Miller's Instagram account

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