Brett Davern Can't Stop Photobombing His Co-Stars! How 'Awkward.' [Photos]


Nikki Deloach and Nolan Funk have no idea Brett Davern's creepin' on their photo op.

While Monsieur Jake Rosati is living the good life as part of a package deal on "Awkward" (he's one half of Palos Hills' most PDA couple), the actor who plays him, Brett Davern, is flyin' solo on the creepiest way possible! Davern has been spotted photo-bombing the hell out of his co-stars' selfies, and we can't decide if he's trying to make the rounds and catch 'em all, Pokemon style, or if he just needs a hug.

Perhaps new kid Nolan Funk has something to do with Brett's creeper status. He's the common thread in the first of (hopefully) many Instabombs. In the above pic, Brett looks almost stunned (scared?) as he stands behind Nikki Deloach and Nolan, and in the one below, he seems pretty peeved the newbie is getting cozy with his pal, Jessica Lu. We get it. Brett's been around for three seasons, and all of a sudden this rando guy rolls up and nabs the ladies! Hey, we'll always be Team Jake.


Is Brett Davern jealous of Nolan Funk getting smooches from Jessica Lu?

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Photos: Jessica Lu and Nolan Funk's Instagram accounts

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