'Wild 'N Out' Throwback Thursday: Affion Crockett And Kenan Thompson [Photos]

After a far too long hiatus, Nick Cannon's "Wild 'N Out" returns July 9 to MTV2! As we await the highly anticipated sketch show comeback, each Throwback Thursday we'll be getting nostalgic about some of the most memorable moments and cast members from the series' first four seasons. We can't think of a better way to utilize the #TBT hash tag!


#TBT: Affion Crockett impersonates Chris Rock.

Chris Rock recently joined the MTV2 family when his sitcom, "Everybody Hates Chris," began airing on the network, but did you know that the legendary comedian also appeared on Nick Cannon's improv show, "Wild 'N Out," way back in the mid-2000s? Well, sort of. Affion Crockett had audiences doing a double-take when he stepped on the stage in Chris Rock's likeness. His spot-on impressions, like Jay-Z's signature "eh heh" ad-libs, made us all LOL, so we're not surprised the funnyman landed his own show on FOX! Just you wait, Affion's well on his way to being the next big thing.


#TBT: Kenan Thompson uses his improv skills on "Wild 'N Out."

Affion Crockett was not the only seasoned impersonator to grace the "Wild 'N Out" stage. Kenan Thompson (ya may have heard of him) was a Season 1 star, too! With his "All That" days behind him and his "Saturday Night Live" appearances picking up speed, Kenan took some time out of his busy schedule and brought the funny, like only a true pro can.

+ Check back next Thursday for more throwback photos, and tell us what you think of the "Wild 'N Out" return!

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